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About the Trust

Trust Registration document number
1333/04 dated 1-9-2004.

Gnanaratna trust is a non profitable organisation. The trust was registered on 1st Sept 2004 and is a nonprofitable trust. The trust has done few activities like giving hearing aids and wheel chairs to the disabled and has facilitated giving school kits for children. And admission fee and few scholarships are given to financially poor (school and college) children.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Therasa
Board Of Trustees

Prof.P.Gnanaraj Paul, M.Sc,M.Phil,D.Litt(Co-ordinator)
Mrs.Rathnawethy Gnanaraj, B.Sc.
Dr.Latha Christie, M.S., Ph.D.,
Dr. Shobana Nelesco M.A, Ph.D.,
Dr.G.Justin Paul, M.D.,D.M
Dr.Priya Justin, M.B.B.S., D.C.P
Er.G.Robinson Paul, M.E.
Er..Nirmala Rajkumar B.E.,M.B.A
Er.Josephine Rajakumar, M.Sc.
Er.G.Allwinson paul, M.E.,M.B.A
Dr.Sabarathinavel, M.D
Shri. Munir Hoda, I.A.S